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This website is dedicated to the professionals as well as any consumer or final end user of Line Magnetic hi-fi products. In the interests of transparency and willingness to convey quickly and the best source of information about brand, products and innovations, we present here, all products available on sale at your European local hi-fi dealer.

BC Diffusion SAS, the company

We are manufacturing brands like BC Acoustique and Mosscade but we are also distributing for you the most suitable Line Magnetic hi-fi products of high quality that will seduce you with their acoustic qualities but also by their Design. Enjoy the best technological advances while enjoying an obvious ergonomic and pleasant for everyday use.


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BC Diffusion SAS
14 Avenue de l'Europe
77600 Bussy Saint-Georges – France
Tel.: 0825 620 600 (0,15 € TTC + cellular phone call price)
Fax: 01 78 76 86 10
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