Events already occured...

HIGH END - 10th to 13th May 2018 - Munich - Germany

The system presented in this show was composed of Supravox BAHIA speakers, amplified by the LM-845 Premium (2x30W Single-ended) with as source the CD player with LM-24CD tubes. The whole system is connected in Luna Cables, a high quality Quebec brand that combines perfectly with the system.



SALON "HAUTE FIDELITE" - 18 & 19 November 2017 - Paris

You have been very many to ask us to listen to the famous 845. We hope to have been able to meet your expectations. The audio system was made with vacuum tubes amplifier Line Magnetic LM-845IA, the source was a tube CD Player LM-24CD and the speakers were from an old French brand: SUPRAVOX, the BAHIA tower system. The entire system was connected with Luna Cables, a high-quality Quebec brand that combines perfectly.


We had the pleasure to welcome François and Xavier from ANA MIGHTY SOUND who were kind enough to share with us a common passion, Vinyl sound! This 100% French company presented us with the very first model, the entry-level of their turntables with the PTP Audio Solid12 basis. A great listening that we hope to share again on our upcoming shows.



"FESTIVAL SON & IMAGE" SHOW - 14 & 15 October 2017 - Paris

Line Magnetic new European range 2017 has been shown at the show to all french audiophiles, as well as LM-812 Iconic, high-efficiency speakers. Thanks to all visitors for being so positive about the LM-845 and the LM-211 (awarded 3 times this year by French Hi-Fi magazines).

Son et Image

Son et Image


AUDIO & AV SHOW - 16 & 17 September 2017 - Birmingham - England

For the second edition of the Audio & AV Show 2017 in Birmingham, we presented 2 systems:
System 1: Source: LM-24CD - Amplifier: LM-845iA - Speakers: LM-812 Iconic
System 2: Source: LM-24CD - Amplifier: LM-845iA - Speakers: Supravox Bahia

Audio & AV

A big thanks to Erik FORTIER from Luna Cables who allowed us to optimize our listening thanks to the Orange and Purple range of modulation cables, speakers and power supply.


Winner of the 1st prize of the "HAUTE-FIDELITE" game - SHOW 26 & 27 November 2016 - Paris



Some of you may have participated in the last competition at the Haute-Fidélité fair on 26 and 27 November 2016, in order to have the chance to win the most recent tube amplifier from the Line Magnetic mills, the LM-508iA.

The lucky winner, Mr Jean-Noël L. was kind enough to share with us the visuals of his installation.

"It's a real pleasure to have this great Line Magnetic amplifier. A listening full of transparency, precision, dynamics is a summary but there are still so many other things to say ... "

Gagnant du Salon Haute-Fidélité

HI-FI Black & White SHOW - March 25 & 26 - 2017 - Brussels - Belgium

On the weekend of March 25-26 in Brussels, a fair was organized by BLACK & WHITE. Our technical director, Bruno Roux, and the Black & White team presented Line Magnetic products.

You have been able to listen to the LM-219IA (Single Ended 845) integrated amplifier with the LM-515CD player on Focus Audio        FP-70SE speakers. A big thanks to Patrick CESARATTO (Legato cables) for the quality of his demonstrations that enchanted all our visitors this weekend.

Salon Noir et Banc

More pictures on our Facebook page or on Black & White one: Black & White Facebook page.

Salon Haute-FidélitéSalon Haute-Fidélité

"Haute-Fidélité" SHOW - November 26 & 27 2016 - Paris 13th

The entire BC Diffusion team introduced you to the Line Magnetic range, which is now available in France. You were able to listen to the LM-812 Iconic high performance (102dB) speakers, 2-way speakers that were powered by the built-in LM-508IA tube amplifier.

A big thank you to all the enthusiasts who made us share with all simplicity the affection that they carried on these replicas of legendary speakers, some dating for some of 1937. Many listening were dispensed and it was a pleasure for us to seeing back several listeners who wanted to share again this particularly natural, round and warm listening with their colleagues.

Salon Haute-FidélitéSalon Haute-Fidélité

HIFI HOME CINEMA SHOW - November 12th - 2016 - Luxembourg

BC Diffusion and Cinémotion introduced the fabulous Line Magnetic products, including the LM-812 Iconic loudspeakers as well as vacuum tube electronics including the LM-508IA amplifier...




"FESTIVAL SON & IMAGE" SHOW - October 8 & 9 - 2016 - Paris 15th

This show is a must for all professionals and the public wishing to discover all the innovations of the hi-fi world in France. Beyond a master organization managed by the smiling and efficient teams of the SPAT, this year we introduced a new brand distributed by BC Diffusion: Line Magnetic whose high-performance speakers were appreciated just as much as their integrated tube amplifiers.

Visitors mainly enjoyed the LM-508IA tube amplifier as well as generous LM-812 speakers.


Festival Image et Son

Salon Festival Son et ImageSalon Festival Son et Image