LM-3 3-way speakers - LM302 - 22A - LM555W - BA-18

The LM-3 synthesizes the passion of Line Magnetic's teams for the Western Electric brand, a true homage to their legendary elders.



The LM-3 are exceptional speakers. The pavillon and its medium driver are replicas of the famous Western Electric 22A and the Western Electric 555W. A reproduction at the antipodes of the « hi-fi » with an extremely natural sound of great magnitude.  The bandwith extends from 150 à 13kHz. In the bass, an 18-inch speaker, the TA-7376 founded in a low-reflex load. Finally the treble is entrusted to the LM-302, replica of inspiration Jensen.

The result is amazing : An input sensitivity of 105 dB for an impedance of 8 Ohms. L’écoute est tout simplement d’un naturel exceptionnel, l’émotion envahit l’auditeur devant tant de réalisme.

- Musical qualities
- High Performance


Frequency range : 23Hz à 20KHz
Input sensitivity: 105dB
Load impedance for HP to connect: 8Ω
Screw terminals compatible with banana plugs

Treble driver: LM302
Bass driver: BA-18
Woofer diameter: 46 cm
3-way passive filter: TA-7376
Compression chamber: LM555W Alnico
Horn: 22A


Dimensions (L x H x P): 900 x 2080 x 690 mm
Weight: N.C. Kg 

Finish: Pin US multiples teinté bois foncé