Line Magnetic discovered that counterfeit versions of its products were offered for sale, notably on well-known auction websites. These counterfeit items may appear visually as very similar, but the components and the final sound reproduction is nothing like those delivered by original products.

These counterfeit devices are not CE-compliant. Some components are not identical to those intended for the European market.

To avoid buying a counterfeit, be sure to purchase a Line Magnetic product from an authorized dealer that you will find in our SHOWROOMS page.

If you are offered a Line Magnetic product at a price much lower than its normal price, or if it is provided without its packaging, it is most likely a counterfeit. 

No after-sales service for these counterfeit devices will be covered by the Line Magnetic brand.

Please also note that any product received for repair by Line Magnetic & BC Diffusion SAS, and which will prove to be a fake, will not be returned. The sale and distribution of counterfeit products are illegal!


As a private individual, if you have purchased a product in Europe, please contact your local dealer.